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Apprendre figma

Behind every interface, there are a number of seemingly invisible details that can dictate your brand, company, or product’s direction.

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Start by getting to know Adolfo Serra, his work, and illustrations. Learn about his professional career, his projects, and the books he has published as well as his point of view on illustration and the work of an artist. He reflects on what it means to have a unique style and voice as an illustrator. Do you need to have a unique style? Can you have different resources or pictorial styles? Can you change your style according to the project?

With the objective being to find your own voice as an illustrator, use a sketchbook throughout the course. Fill it with freehand illustrations using the various techniques that are taught in this course.

Then, Adolfo gives you guidelines and exercises to encourage creativity, develop your creative process, and feed your imagination, through other types of images or resources that could prove useful in the development of your work.

Build your own version of a photo library; a visual world from your imagination or creative and graphic resources.

Learn new manual techniques using pens, watercolor pencils, markers, waxes, and paint with natural pigments.

Discover new styles when you mix techniques, change tools or a combination of both. Can an illustrator use multiple resources? Does your stroke change according to different tools or are there limitations?

By learning these techniques, begin to illustrate by playing and step away from creating anything automatically. Open your mind to new styles, make mistakes, and search for new approaches.

At the end of the course, you will have had the chance to experiment with different techniques and processes that will help you to develop your illustrations. You will also have ventured into your personal pictorial universe by creating an illustrated notebook that will function as a resource guide for future projects or as a starting point for new stories, posters, illustrations, tales, or stories.

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